Jack’s Back!

In which I lose my shit as I discover that one of my favorite artists has finally decided to end his vacation and get back to work…


After a four-year self-imposed hiatus, Jack White appears to be back.  I have had my suspicions, as he has released a few songs over the past year and a half, but now there is confirmation in the form of an official 2018 tour schedule (closest to Boise are August dates in SLC and Portland) and a release date (March 24th) for his third solo album, entitled Boarding House Reach.

Yes, the Dead Weather album was fine, and he recorded songs with Elton John and Beyonce that were also fine, but we have waited and waited for some legit Jack action, and folks, it’s finally here.  The official single for this record (“Servings and Portions from My Boarding House Reach”) is, frankly, a strange collage of obtuse sounds seemingly intended to shock or confuse the listener.  This is likely Jack making a statement and/or some clever marketing, but rest assured: Jack White didn’t come back just to fuck around.

Last week he released two more songs, “Connected By Love” and “Respect Commander”, which show him back in bizarre-music virtuoso madness form.  The former song sounds like a lost Lazaretto track and features backing vocals from his all-female band singing “we’re connected, we’re connected” and of course has a badass guitar solo.  While the latter song seems a bit throwaway-y, it is refreshing to hear Jack White III (errrr, John Gillis) making music again.

Mark 3/24/18 on your calendars now, as Boarding House Reach is one of the most anticipated albums of the year.