Treefort 2018 Is Here! Ten Bands to See

Somehow, Treefort is seven years old – and bigger than ever. Over 400 bands will play nearly two dozen venues over the course of five days, and it should be a blast.  The festival strives to allow smaller artists an opportunity to show their stuff, and it is light on major “headline” acts – intentionally.  In doing preparatory homework, I found dozens of worthwhile bands and artists that I didn’t know about before. That is part of the beauty of this festival that transforms downtown Boise into a musical extravaganza each March.

Here is a list of ten bands that I recommend catching at Treefort 2018, as well as my planned itinerary for these five days of greatness (can I really see 28 shows?!?!???):


This is a reunion situation of massive local importance. Consisting of Doug Martsch (Built to Spill) and Scott Schmaljohn (The Hand), this group has not performed since 1994.  Thankfully they are playing twice, and you should definitely try to fit one of these in.

(Fri night/Sat morning 12:30am – Neurolux)

(Sat night/Sun morning 12:20am – The Shredder)


Low Cut Connie

These guys play a fast and loose style of rock that is a blend of early Rolling Stones raunch and swagger and Jerry Lee Lewis-ish piano rockers. Their Neurolux appearance last May was a highlight of my 2017 concert experiences, and I recommend that you go see at least one of their Treefort sets – if not both.

(Sat 4:20pm – Main Stage)

((Sun 11:59pm – The Olympic)



In-your-face riff rock that harkens back to another era. Simply put: these gals from Seattle rawk!  Their last Treefort appearance stole the show, and the word is out.  Get there early for either of their two appearances, and enjoy the show.

(Fri night/Sat morning 12:40am – The Shredder)

(Sat 11:30pm – Hannah’s)


Built To Spill

Here is my frequent reminder that although we Boiseans are blessed with ample opportunity to see Doug do his thing, we should not take it for granted. If you are not completely exhausted after five days of rocking, this Sunday night set is an absolute must.  In years past, they have played covers, new songs, and their classics.  Who knows what they have in store for us this time, but if last week at the Paulette Jordan fundraiser concert is any indication, it’s going to be good.

(Sun 11:15pm – El Korah Shrine)



Joe Calvi’s four piece plays some intense and in-your-face pop-punk. I saw them open for Bully earlier this month and vowed to see their Treefort set.  These guys are local, however, so don’t miss something else to see these up and comers, as you will have other opportunities.

(Wed 8pm – Boise All-Ages Movement Project)


Together PANGEA

Slackers from LA mellowed out slightly on their latest release, to great effect. But fear not, their set will be loud, fast, and a bit childish.  Worth taking the time to see, I can attest, having seen them last year.

(Wed 11:59pm – Boise All-Ages Movement Project)


Hanni El Khatib

Former skater and designer who decided to start releasing music and has found quite a following. I can’t put it better than the Guardian did when they said “this former skate-punk raised on vintage rock and R&B is keeping the spirit of 76 alive with his primal raunch n’ roll”.

(Fri 10:15pm – El Korah Shrine)


Twin Peaks

Loose and jangly indie rock with an overt 60’s psychedelic influence. These guys are touring behind their solid new album Sweet 17 Singles and will play two sets at Treefort this year.

(Thu 11:45pm – El Korah Shrine)

(Fri 5:50pm – Main Stage)


Skinny the Kid

These guys from northern Idaho impressed me with their raw and muscular grungy rock sound when I heard their record on Spotify last month. I went back to re-listen a few days ago and it has disappeared – or was it ever really there?

(Fri 8pm – Boise All-Ages Movement Project)


Cy Dune

This guy plays some intense and fast power punk/desert-rock that occasionally reminds me of Kyuss-era Josh Homme, and I am under the impression that the live show is going to kick a lot of ass.

(Fri 9:05pm – El Korah Shrine)



My planned itinerary (not to be used for stalking purposes…)


Wildermiss (El Korah 7:00-7:40)

CMMNWLTH (Boise All-Ages Movement Project 8:00-8:40)

Lola Marsh (El Korah 9:00-9:45)

Andrew Sheppard (Tom Grainey’s 10:30-11:40)

Together PANGEA (Boise All-Ages Movement Project 12:00-1:00)



Storie Grubb & the Holy Wars (El Korah 6:00-6:40)

The Muckers (El Korah 7:00-7:40)

The Dip (El Korah 8:00-8:40)

The Suffers (El Korah 9:05-10:05)

The Districts (El Korah 10:30-11:20)

Twin Peaks (El Korah 11:45-1:15)



Twin Peaks (Main Stage 5:50-6:40)

Skinny the Kid (Boise All-Ages Movement Project 8:00-8:40)

Cy Dune (El Korah 9:05-9:55)

Hanni El Khatib (El Korah 10:15-11:15)

Treepeople (Neurolux 12:30-1:30)



Shook Twins (Main Stage 2:00-2:50)

Low Cut Connie (Main Stage 4:20-5:10)

Antibalas (Main Stage 5:35-6:35)

Horse Feathers (Linen 9:10-10:10)

Thunderpussy (Hannah’s 11:30-12:30) (first half)

Treepeople (The Shredder 12:20-1:20)



Nick Delffs (Main Stage 1:00-1:40)

Wild Ones (Main Stage 2:00-2:50)

Cindy Wilson (Main Stage 3:10-4:00)

The Hand (El Korah 9:20-10:00)

Built To Spill (El Korah 11:15-12:45)

Low Cut Connie (The Olympic 12:00-1:15) (second half)