Treefort Music Festival Day One (Various) – 3/21/18

Or, How I spent my Wednesday Night in Downtown Boise.

It was a solid first day, with six bands, 3 venues, one power outage, and a giant moshpit. Here is a quick rundown…


Wildermiss (El Korah)

These guys had some technical issues and started a bit late, cutting their set one song short. Which is too bad, because simply put these folks were a highlight of the evening.  Their mellow pop/rock had great grooves, hooks for days, and pounding bass provided not by a bassist but a machine (still not sure how I feel about that).  The lead singer is a pretty lady with a great voice, which is always welcome.  When they inevitably come back (they are up and coming and from Denver) I will be there, eager to see them for more than 35 minutes.



CMMNWLTH (Boise All-Ages Movement Project)

These local boys (and gal) play a heavy yet fresh brand of rock n’ roll. I noticed that Joe (lead singer) and Patrick (drummer) both had Together PANGEA shirts on, which proved to be foreshadowing for events later in the evening when they joined that band onstage for a song.

The first time I saw CMMNWLTH they didn’t mention their name once, leaving me to ask them after the show. Joe informed me of their name and local origins, and I mentioned that they are quite fantastic and should tell anyone and everyone who sees them what their name is.  Last night, I think he mentioned the band’s name about a dozen times, which may have been a coincidence… Also, to quote Joe, “No vowels, because vowels are for squares”.



Lola Marsh (El Korah)

Is that Penelope Cruz up there? Admittedly I was towards the back and didn’t have a great view, as the picture below will attest, but her appearance, voice, and attitude reminded me a bit of her.  Regardless, these guys had great energy and had the crowd completely engaged.  While this music was a bit poppy for my taste, it was a solid set.  When I left during what I believed to be their last song, I later learned that I had missed their cover of “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, which is a shame.  Shame, Steve, Shame!



Tylor & the Train Robbers (Pengilly’s)

When I arrived at Tom Grainey’s to see the scheduled Andrew Sheppard show, there was no one there. Like, nobody.  Also, the lights were all off.  So, I began to ask myself the obvious questions: did Grainey’s move?  WTF is going on?  The Treefort app informed me that the show had been moved to Pengilly’s, due to a power outage.  So, into the long line to get in to that tiny venue I went.

I got in just in time to see the last five songs performed by Tylor & the Train Robbers, and I am now a fan of this local country/rock group. Highlight was a terrific rendition of merle Haggard’s classic “Big City”.  Oh, and I helped them move their stuff off the tiny-ass stage so they could let Andrew and his band set up.



Andrew Sheppard (Pengilly’s)

This guy may be small in stature but he is big on attitude and talent. His band was fantastic as well, including “Goldilocks”, the long-haired and good-natured drummer.  Most of the capacity crowd seemed very familiar with the tunes, so apparently I need to catch up.  He mentioned that they have a record coming out this Friday, I will check that out.  A highlight was their rendition of the classic “Speaking in Tongues”, which is a song about, um, well, orally satisfying a lady.  How about that for politically correct language?



together PANGEA

Once they took the stage at midnight to start their show, it became apparent that the lead vocal microphone wasn’t working. So, that took about five minutes, while we were entertained to some goofy renditions of standards complete with bizarre lyrics.  Right as the very young crowd was starting to get restless (and sleepy), the issue was resolved.  Once the fellas got started, they were not screwing around.

From the beginning of “Looked In Too”, from their 2015 EP, it was clear that this was going to be a raucous affair. Immediately, a giant swirling mosh pit formed – and sustained for most of the set.  The look of surprise and horror on the face of one of the photographers who was sucked into the sea of thrashing bodies was hilarious, if I am being honest.  I am proud (ashamed?) to say that I hung in there and danced/thrashed around with those kids for the entire 45 minute show – leaving only when I thought it was over.



Little did I know, there was an encore coming. And it was quite a spectacle: they performed one of their best and loudest songs, “Snakedog”, with Joe and Patrick from CMMNWLTH.  I caught this one from the back, as you can see in the picture below.  Note the crowd surfer, that shit was going on all night.  Two or three more beers and I would be hurt today, because I probably would have been dumb enough to go for it myself.  Hooray sobriety!




Looked In Too

Kenmore Ave.

Better Find Out


Make Myself True


The Cold

Money On It

Peach Mirror

Too Drunk To Come


Sick Shit


Snakedog (with CMMNWLTH)


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