Paulette Jordan for Governor Fundraiser (Visual Arts Collective) – 3/16/18

Progressive candidate + hometown music = See you there!

Somehow I had never been to the VAC; I guess it took Built to Spill to get me there.


Nick Delffs

Local folky/Americana singer and songwriter who I have apparently underappreciated. I know that I have passed up multiple opportunities to see him, and after this performance I can say that his shows are now going to be on my radar.  This set was just Nick on guitar and a kickdrum, and a bass player.  His vocal style was interesting, and I enjoyed his noises that he made in addition to his singing.



Brett Netson

Best known as the former second guitar player for Built to Spill, Brett has made a name for himself as a solo artist. This was a very subdued acoustic set that was enjoyable, but a friend of mine made a keen observation: This was not music to get fired up and excited about a politician for.



Eilen Jewell

Another local talent that I had never seen before, she was fun to listen to. And her guitar player stole the show – at least for me – with his long hair, hat, and sunglasses.  Stud!



Built To Spill

The reason that I was there, no doubt. After Paulette made a brief (and slightly disappointing) speech, they were introduced a raucous cheers.  I expected about 30-40 minutes, but we were treated to well over an hour of a wide-ranging group of songs, including an extended jam version of personal favorite “Strange”.  Doug’s obsession with his pedal box continues, and also continues to entertain me.


Needless to say, I was right up front (as the picture can attest).  Doug has not filed a restraining order yet, so that is good.  I really am on my best behavior and always treat him with respect, guys, so cut me some slack.


When one of the greatest musicians of your generation is playing 3 feet from you, its a good night…



Goin’ Against Your Mind

Horizon To Cliff

Distopian Dream Girl

Kicked it in the Sun




I Would Hurt A Fly


Strange (extended version)


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