Treefort VIII (2019) Earlybird 5-day Passes Now On Sale

Disclaimer: I do not work for Treefort and stand to gain nothing financially from you buying a wristband.  Having said that, you should go buy one.  Right now.

This is by far the best way to take in Treefort; even if you only end up going for two days it is cheaper than buying main stage or day passes for those two days. And if you go to all 5 days like myself and many of my comrades do, that $139 price looks really, really good.  The 27 shows I saw averages out to $5.15 per concert, which is pretty good I would have to say.  In fact, that is less than what a Treefort beer costs…

Get them through Eventbrite, on sale until April 15 or until they sell all of the secret allotment they are offering. And be sure to tell ‘em Steve sent ya.  Wait, no, don’t tell them that.  “Them” is just a software program, and wont understand what you mean at all.  I don’t need the machines coming after me.

But really, go get one right now. It will be fun, it always is.  And if you move or break your leg, plenty of people will be happy to pay a lot more than you did for that thing.

Only 358 days to Treefort VIII, y’all!!