Mt. Joy (Olympic) – 4/10/18

This young band has a bright future ahead of them; I can confirm that the hype is well deserved.  Oh, and they covered Neil, so they clearly have great taste.


Luke Messimer

This local guy (and his buddies on bass and drums) played some straight-up garage rock n roll and their volume didn’t necessarily fit the rest of the lineup.  Not that anyone was complaining; there was quite a bit of head banging and dancing going on during their short set.  Grungy and loud, these guys sound pretty raw and could use some refinement, but they were a nice surprise.  About halfway through the bass sound went awry but they just kept on playing.  To quote Luke, “Oh well, rock n roll!”  Shout out to the man on the drum kit, he was spastically playing his ass off throughout.



Pure Ivy

Another local band that I was not familiar with, these guys (and gal) are in the midst of recording their debut record, which is being mixed by their guitar player.  They have a single that was just released on Spotify (“Native Tongue”, check it out) and went back and forth between soft-rock songs and more singer/songwriter fare.  Lead singer Kate professed her love for Justin Timberlake before they covered one of his songs.  No, I do not know which one, as I am not an aficionado – but it talked about being in love with a good girl?  Anyway, she thoroughly enjoyed that, and then was a bit mortified at the number of people that had recorded it on their phones.



Headliner: Mt. Joy

Lead singer Matt Quinn and his buddy Sam Cooper formed the band a couple of years ago and just last year decided to quit their jobs, form a full band, and go for it.  That has proven to be a good decision.  If you have not heard of this band, you should check them out.  They are very new, with only one album to their credit (released just several weeks ago), but they have a sound that tells me they will be around for a while.  Think Indie folk in the Lumineers realm with a slightly more soulful rock delivery.  While none of their songs are quite as classic as that band’s work, they are making some worthwhile music and were a lot of fun to see live and up close.


Matt was sick and clearly did not feel well, but he sounded great and followed the old credo that the show must go on.  He several times encouraged us to sing along and thanked us for “carrying him” along the way.  He switched between acoustic and electric guitars, and played the beautiful ukulele that makes my personal favorite song, “Dirty Love”.


They sounded great throughout, and aside from Matt being under the weather seemed to be having a blast.  I suppose it would be hard to not feel on top of the world starting out this successfully so soon.  Towards the end when they told us they were doing a Neil Young song, I was delighted that it was “Don’t Let It Bring You Down”, a beautiful ballad from his After the Goldrush record.  Better yet; they absolutely crushed it.

With so little material to play, and a hobbled vocalist, they only played for about 45 minutes – but it was enough.  Time will tell, but this could be an example of seeing a band just before they “get big”, and hopefully they don’t change what they are doing.


I’m Your Wreck




Jenny Jenkins



Dirty Love

Mt. Joy

Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Neil Young cover

Silver Lining


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