Nick Delffs/The Dedicated Servers (Prefunk) – 4/20/18

The “10 Barrel Drink Beer Outside” Food Truck Rally at Prefunk last Friday was quite the bill – a very eclectic mix.  It started off with the acoustic/electric solo folk of Nick Delffs, followed up with a couple of local rappers, culminating with a five-piece rock band (that I missed, as I had to go eat).  Something tells me that this was not the original plan and some sort of cancellation, illness, or injury played a part.  Either way, it was highly entertaining and not at all boring.

Nick Delffs (solo)

I showed up in time to see the second half of his set, after finishing the ol’ pre-Race to Robie Creek car shuttle.  It was my third time seeing him perform in a month, after having never seen him before.  Funny happenstance I suppose, but I must admit he is fun to watch do his thing.  When I arrived, my first commentary to my friend who was already there was that I was surprised to see Nick wearing shoes.   She informed me that he had put his shoes on partway into the set because the mic was shocking him so badly.  You see, Nick doesn’t like to wear shoes, but he gets quite up-close and personal with his mic.  I talked to Nick after and he said it was so bad that he was still getting zapped even after putting his sandals on, but that he had a good time nonetheless.  He was invited to perform at the last minute, just a few days before.  This further supports my cancellation theory…



The Dedicated Servers

Nothing could have prepared me for what came next.  A local two-man hip-hop group, The Dedicated Servers, blessed us with their presence for about 45 minutes.  During this time, I laughed, I nearly cried, I boogied, and witnessed some serious boogie-ing by a couple friends of mine.  Halfway through their second song a buddy labeled them the Asian and the Amish, which I thought was pretty clever.  Then, a couple of songs later, they referred to themselves in the exact same way in one of their songs.  Oh, favorite line (that I remembered to write down): “Soylent green aint people, but corporations are now”.  Classic.


This was bizarre, and although it certainly wasn’t great, it was entertaining.  Dave the Fave, the less Amish of the two, could really dance and had a good rapport with the small crowd assembled.  The other fella did not look much like a rapper but in fact he can spit pretty damn well.  Dave gave a shout out to all of his 4-20 celebrators, and asked how many of us were running Robie the next day.  My friend held my hand up for me (thanks, Kortney), and Dave let us know that he was running it.

As luck would have it, I saw him cross the finish line the next day.  I yelled out to him by name and told him nice job, and he looked surprised and pleased to be recognized.  He may be a better dancer than me, he may be in better shape, and he definitely has a better hairstyle – but I can run up a hill faster.