Boise/Treasure Valley Summer Concert Preview

As summer starts to heat up, the Boise music scene is getting hotter as well.  Here are a few shows I have highlighted to catch in the next few months – hope to see you there!

June 21st – Thursday

Summerland Tour 2018: Everclear with Marcy Playground & Local H (Revolution Concert House)

Rock out like it’s the late 90s with this lineup, which finds Everclear continuing to bring some solid nostalgia acts with them when they come to town.  Last time Everclear brought Eve 6, Soul Asylum, and Spacehog – and put on a good show of their own.  I expect this to be a fun night also.  The first 100 tickets were only $20, which doesn’t help you if you are reading this and don’t have a ticket, but I got a cheap one.  Just sayin’…


June 27th – Wednesday

Alive After Five: Greyhounds (Boise Center)

These guys from Austin bring some soulful rock and are one of my favorite bands you have never heard of.  The music will be good, I guarantee it – oh, and it’s free.  No brainer…

Counting Crows with Live (BSU Pavilion)

No, I will not refer to it as Taco Bell Arena, that is just ridiculous.  How much longer is that sponsorship, anyway?  I digress… This should be a fun one.

Adam Duritz and company get mixed reviews live, so lets hope they bring it.  The fact that this is the first date on their summer tour bodes well for energy, I reckon.  Regardless, Live is a solid, solid opening act.  Both bands are celebrating their 25th anniversary as touring acts, and both made their best music about 25 years ago, but still, these bands have both made A LOT of the music that you have enjoyed over the past couple decades.

***Side note: Somehow, someway, I intend to see Greyhounds and the Live/Counting Crows shows… I think it can be done, if I pedal fast enough.


July 7th – Saturday

Social Distortion with Low Cut Connie & Aaron Lee Tasjan (Knitting Factory)

This is a strange bill, as none of these three really fit with any of the others.  Social D have been doing their punk/rock thing for years now, and it would be nice to see them.  Low Cut Connie are fun as hell live, and have just released a tremendous record in two parts.  And don’t sleep on Aaron, a country/folk/rock/weirdo throwback who has a few killer songs.  I haven’t bought a ticket yet, though, because it’s on a Saturday in July and I would hope to be outside doing something more mountain/river-like.


July 9th – Monday

Sparta (Neurolux)

Formed out of the ashes of one of the great and underappreciated bands of the late 20th century (At The Drive-In), Sparta features Jim Ward and other non Cedric or Omar members of that amazing scream-metal band.  Their first record, Wiretap Scars kept a lot of the similar vibe of ATDI. Subsequent releases were fine, but curiosity has the best of me and I will be there to see what these guys have for us.  Oh, and it’s my favorite venue: people watching, cheap drinks, good music…


July 15th – Sunday

Fall Creek String Band with Whiskey Shivers (Ranch Club)

These guys play some terrific folk/bluegrass, and were a treat when I saw them earlier this spring.  They have a few McCall and Mountain Home dates lined up in early July before heading back to Boise – this will be a fun night of foot-stompin’ countrified local music, and well worth whatever the cheap cover is that night.


July 17th – Tuesday

James McMurtry (Neurolux)

If you have never seen this guitar slinging Texan singer-songwriter, you should definitely check he and his band out.  If you have, beware: I saw his 2016 Neurolux set, which was great.  I then saw him again in 2017, and he played the EXACT same setlist.  I mean, exact.  It was bizarre, and of course, only I noticed.  Not sure if I take the chance to go see him again.  He has about ten albums, hopefully he will switch it up some this time.  Either way, the ridiculously groovy 8-minute “Choctaw Bingo” is worth the $17 price of admission itself.


July 18th – Wednesday

JJ Grey & Mofro (Knitting Factory) OR Blitzen Trapper (Neurolux)

Two good acts, one night.  You will find me at the Lux, as it is half the price and I know these boys put on a good show.  I thoroughly enjoyed them both times I have caught them, and they almost always do a Neil Young cover.  Sweet!


July 30th – Monday

Seether (Knitting Factory)

I won’t be able to catch this one, but did enjoy these guys when I saw them quite some time ago on the tour for their debut album.  One of many acts that I will catch at Aftershock in October (Alice In Chains, System of A Down, Incubus, At the Drive-In, Slash, 311…).


August 1st – Tuesday

ZZ Top (Outlaw Field @ Botanical Gardens)

Legends.  Enough said.  Long live Billy!


August 4th – Saturday

Chris Stapleton with Marty Stuart (Idaho Center)

This one should be good.  Chris is bringing real country music back and is fresh off of releasing what I consider to be the second best album of last year.  Only thing that could make this better is if it was outside at the amphitheater instead of in the arena.  Oh, and Marty is a bit of a legend in his own right, and his latest record was pretty solid.  “Way Out West” is some far-out country, my dudes.


August 8th – Wednesday

Talbott Brothers (Boise Center)

If you are in town, this is a must-see free show.  These two are incredibly talented and put on an entertaining show.  A few friends and I were blown away at how fantastic they were when we caught them at Olympic earlier this year.


August 12th – Sunday

Father John Misty (Knitting Factory)

My most anticipated Boise show of the year, hands down.  Like, oh my God Josh Tillman is really coming to Boise?!??  When I saw this, I was in the Dallas airport and caused a bit of a scene with my excitement.  Josh  just released his fourth LP under the Father John Misty moniker and they all four are the stuff of legend.  If you like intelligent and scathing songwriting, look no further.  Hurry to get a ticket, this one will certainly be a sold out show.


August 28th – Tuesday

Shakey Graves with Jose Gonzalez (Knitting Factory)

Two acts that could support their own tours yet appearing together is usually a sure fire good time.  Shakey is coming off of his best album thus far, and Jose has a sweet new backing band, The Brite Lites.


September 4th – Tuesday

Cold War Kids with Daysormay (Knitting Factory)

These guys put on a solid show last year, and I expect this to be a fun night.  If you haven’t seen their pop/rock mix, check them out.


September 7th – Friday

Smashing Pumpkins (Idaho Center)

Billy Corgan and crew roll in to Boise mostly reunited.  As I understand it, we have 3 of the 4 original members on this tour, and who doesn’t want to relive part of the soundtrack to our 90s lives?


September 18th – Tuesday

El Ten Eleven (Neurolux)

Instrumental garage/psych/alt/badass band that will put on a mind-blowing show, I am convinced.  Their original stuff is very cool, but of course I am not-so-secretly hoping they will play their incredible cover of “Paranoid Android”.


September 20th – Thursday

Avett Brothers (Outlaw Field)

Perhaps the most anticipated show of the summer locally, this one is sold out even with a fairly hefty price tag.  Seth and Scott Avett have been making lovely and entertaining folksy rockers and ballads for quite a while, but have grown massively in popularity since Rick Rubin entered their world about five years ago.  True musicians and singers, they will be a treat to see up close and personal.


September 24th – Monday

Gregory Alan Isakov with Shook Twins (Knitting Factory)

Fan favorite of many a folk/Americana fan, this recent announcement rocked a few of my friend’s worlds.  This will be a good chance for me to see what all the fuss is about – and Shook Twins are fun also.  Their Treefort set was one of the best of that festival.