New Music 7/13/18: The Lumineers

Hot off the presses: new music!  Better said, new music that is worth your time.

The Lumineers – C Sides – 3 songs / 8 minutes

The kings (and queen) of folk-rock drop an EP that may be shorter than your morning shower, but has as much good music as many of the releases I have heard this year.


B-side collections, such as the cleverly titled C-Sides from the unused recordings during the Cleopatra sessions, rarely will be mentioned in this space, simply because typically there is not enough music there to write about.  Or, frankly, the material is not very interesting, which is why it didn’t appear on the proper album to begin with.  That is not the case here, as these songs all feature the same charm and un-unique but still instantly recognizable sound that only The Lumineers can make.

“Scotland” is very reminiscent of “Gun Song” in its chorus and vocal delivery.  They do their version of the quiet/loud thing here, and it is the highlight of this EP.  Next up is the lovely “For Fra”, a two-minute piano and handclap instrumental that recalls “Patience”, the terrific Cleopatra closer.  “Visions of China” is all acoustic guitar and Wesley’s pained but beautiful voice, with the warning that “if there’s just one thing that you wanted to see, I suggest you keep looking”.

Most impressively is that these nuggets left from the Cleopatra sessions come after the subsequent re-issue of that album that featured three other songs from those same recordings (“Where the Skies Are Blue”, “Everyone Requires a Plan”, and “White Lie”) as well as an acoustic demo of the title track.  Clearly, there was enough material to make a double album, or to hold some back for the next record.  I take that as a sign in their confidence that there is plenty left in the tank, something that was highly debated after the band took four years to follow up their instant classic debut.  Here’s to their third record, rumored to be in the works for 2019.

Key Tracks: There are only 3 tracks, so all of them?

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Also heard:

Cowboy Junkies – All That Reckoning

“Fear is not so far from hate, so if you get the folks to fear; it only takes one small twist to kick it up a gear; and you can control hate, but only for so long.  And when you lose control, oh man, the things we do to each other”.  So says the epic “The Things We Do to Each Other”, one of a few thought-provoking tracks on this record.  Overall, this album is not one that I recommend, but that song and the interesting ukulele ballad “The Possessed” sure are worth a spin or two…


Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

After seeing that these guys will be in town soon, I gave this record a spin.  Let’s just say that I will to be going to the show, after all.


And, furthermore:

Jim Gaffigan  – Noble Ape

So, this is not music, but it is a very funny stand-up comedy performance. He touches on his wife’s recent brain tumor and hospital experiences, being a dad, and opening for the Pope.  Most of it is truly hilarious and I definitely recommend it.