Low Cut Connie (Record Exchange) – 7/7/18

Adam Weiner and Shondra Williams from Low Cut Connie perform a mid-day acoustic in-store show at Idaho’s greatest record shop.

Set to open for Social Distortion later the same evening at the Knitting Factory, Low Cut Connie agreed to do a short in-store acoustic set at Record Exchange that afternoon.  The evening show sold out before I pulled the trigger, so I was all over this chance to catch Adam for the third time in this calendar year.  To my surprise, it was just he and backup singer Shondra Williams, with Adam on acoustic guitar.  When the full band performs, Adam plays piano only, so it was fun to see him adapting his songs for this setting.


This set was longer than I had anticipated, going well over 40 minutes, and was heavy to their excellent and newest record, Dirty Pictures, which was released in two parts over 2017 and 2018.  In fact, the lady on the cover of Part I of that album was in attendance, and Adam pointed her out to everyone.  Adam is no guitar virtuoso but he can sure make it work – this was truly fun to see him enjoying the process, claiming that he had not played guitar in front of a crowd in years.

The set closed with literally my two favorite LCC songs, from their excellent Get Out the Lotion: “Rio” and “Big Thighs, NJ”.  Before starting up the latter solo, Adam told the crowd that it was written for and dedicated to those who feel alone or different when growing up, adding that “if you feel like you don’t belong, remember that lots of people peak too early”.

I wrote plenty about them after their Treefort main stage performance in March, but this was a whole different experience, and made me truly appreciate just how talented Adam Weiner is.  He repeatedly told the crowd of ~100 that he loved them and was thankful that they were there, saying “I wouldn’t come out to see me, so thank you”.  He graciously stuck around after and met with those who wanted to talk with him, and even signed autographs and took pictures.  When I chatted with him after the line died down, he said they want very much to come back for Treefort next year and that they had a blast.  Here’s to that happening.



Revolution Rock N Roll

Oh Suzanne

Dirty Water

Me N Annie


Death And Destruction

Shake It Little Tina




Big Thighs, NJ (Adam solo)

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