New Music 7/20/18:

Hot off the presses: new music!  Better said, new music that is worth your time.

As I am writing this, my dog has some terrible gas.  Alas, it’s too warm to go outside, so I guess I’ll just have to endure it.  This week’s releases weren’t quite that bad, but they were a little stinky.  Another slow week, with a couple of releases of note but none that stand up to “recommend” status… That is the price you pay when you try to write about music releases every single week: not all 52 each year are the same – sometimes you get six great ones on the same day, sometimes you go a couple of weeks without any.


Also heard:

Punch Brothers – All Ashore

Chris Thile (famous for his past life in Nickel Creek) and company are always at their best when they turn up the tempo just a bit (or when they cover Radiohead, but that is a different story).  They do not do much of that here, but on three tracks on this otherwise quiet (and dare I say it, boring) record they show off their skill and provide music that makes you want to move.  “Three Dots and a Dash”, “Jungle Bird”, and “It’s All Part of the Plan” all qualify and remind us just how much fun their music can be.  Overall, this is a disappointment after 2015’s terrific The Phosphorescent Blues.


Ty Segall & White Fence – Joy

Ty Segall is ultra-prolific, and sometimes that is not a good thing.  Case in point: Joy, a record that sounds like a collection of unfinished demos and throwaways.  “My Friend” is classic pop/rock and is a “joy” to listen to, but there is not much else here of note.  Better off checking out his solo record from earlier this year, Freedom’s Goblin.


Ovlov – TRU