New Music 9/21/18: Adam’s House Cat

Hot off the presses: new music!  Better said, new music that is worth your time.

Quick sidenote: This is In My Room post #100 – here’s to many, many more; and to finally getting 100 people to read it!


Adam’s House Cat – Town Burned Down – 12 songs / 44 minutes

A long-rumored but never released 1991 album from this legendary yet unheard band is finally brought to light – with updated vocal tracks from Mr. Hood.


In 1991, Adam’s House Cat was a band on the rise: they were gaining popularity in the southeast and had just finished recording their debut album on the very same day George H.W. Bush began Operation Desert Storm.  Shortly after, the band disbanded as lead singer Patterson Hood and guitarist Mike Cooley decided to go separate ways.  The recording never saw the light of day, but thankfully the two men would end up back together, and formed one of America’s greatest bands, Drive-By Truckers.  Now, almost thirty years later, the original recordings (with newly taped vocals from Pat) are released once and for all.  So, technically this is new “really old” music.  Spoiler alert: it sounds a lot like early, raw DBT, because that is essentially what it is.

This record does indeed sound eerily reminiscent to early DBT records such as Pizza Deliverance and Gangstabilly; in fact, two songs here are released on subsequent DBT albums: “Lookout Mountain” and “Buttholeville”.  A third, the emotionally charged and raucous “Runaway Train”, has been a staple of their live shows although it never did make it to a proper DBT LP.  For fans of DBT, this is a must-listen.  For anyone who is curious to hear the beginnings of genius at work, well, this is worth your time also.

The title track is a ballad based on a giant fire, and feels mostly literal and only somewhat metaphoric.  “Down On Me” is a classic, with Pat rejoicing that he doesn’t understand the “big words” his lover used to denigrate him in their latest argument.  “6 O’Clock Train” is a fantasy of skipping town and never looking back, and “Long Time Ago” takes a peek back into a past that has led to an unsettling current reality.

Two of the best tracks here are the contemplative and thought-provoking “Shot Rang Out” and the rowdy yet powerful “Child Abuse” as told from a young victim who in turn grows up to raise his children the only way he knows how…


Key Tracks: “Runaway Train”, “Town Burned Down”, “Shot Rang Out”


Also released (and not strong enough to recommend):

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Co-Conspirators – Living the Dream

Even with an amazing guitarist front and center this music is more nightmare than dream.  Honestly, Slash, I know he sucks, but just go back to Axel and face facts: it is not going to get better than GNR.


Prince – Piano & a Microphone 1983

Literally just Prince sitting in front of a piano for half an hour: This one is interesting at times, and chilling at others, but really just for hard-core fans only.