Upcoming blog stuff: a few notes

It’s been a few days since we spoke last, friends, and I thought a quick rundown of what is to come might be a good idea.


First, I have three weeks of new music releases to talk about (November 30th and December 7th & 14th).  Stay tuned, I am putting the time and effort into the week of 11/30 that it deserves.  This week gave us four albums worth your time, including two that are instant classics and two that are growing on me like some funky, mangy beard.  (In advance I will ask that you don’t hate me if I have gone EVER SO SLIGHTLY pop, maybe/hopefully it’ll pass).  Plan for tomorrow is to get that week of 11/30 out and continue my efforts to get caught up.


Also, it’s year end time, which is my favorite part of the year for this here blog/diatribe I am for some reason still maintaining.  Look forward to a thorough (who, me?) review of the best albums, shows, and songs of 2018.  I really dig this stuff and have been doing it for years, if only for my own enjoyment and to annoy a few of my closest buddies.  Yep, I probably have a disease of some kind.  Now, I get to share that sickness with others.  Ah, the Internet.

Finally, among some more classic album reviews and another Treefort artist rundown (the 2nd batch of bands is released in a matter of days!) I plan to write about some of the up-and-coming Boise artists I admire as well as a preview of some worthy shows coming here in the spring.

Until then, turn off your TV and go find something good to listen to!