Treefort 2019 Bands to See – Round 2

Last week we got an announcement of another 100-ish bands/artists, and I spent some time combing through each of them to see if any of them tickled my ear.

Now, here is where I write about the ones that caught my attention.  As I said before, one of my favorite things about Treefort is the joy of experiencing new music, and so far this year has been no exception.  We are due about 200 more acts before all is said and done, but after combing through the entire second batch here is what I find myself excited to check out in March…

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Spoiler alert: as more bands are announced there will be follow-up posts from yours truly culminating in the release of my planned itinerary for the eighth iteration of this 5-day fest.



According to the Treefort website, local indie-rocker and personal hero Doug Martsch has shifted the BTS lineup yet again, having (at least for now) traded “the kids” (Jason Albertini and Steve Gere) for Brazilian rock artists Le Almeida and Joao Casaes.  As long as Doug is there this will be a magical set and one you should not miss.  The 13th and second to last time I saw him perform was at Treefort last year when he and his trio performed Keep It Like A Secret in its entirety – a night I shall never forget.

As far as I know, they are not touring behind new music, although Doug has hinted at wanting to release new music more often than the six years between the last two albums.  The latest record under the BTS moniker, Untethered Moon, was released in 2015.  Doug is quoted as saying that while he would like to release more regularly, he may not: “The world doesn’t really need too much more of our stuff.  There’s already a lot of it out there, and there’s so much music already”.  The man is a notoriously ambiguous interview, and follows his own muse, so who knows?  Maybe these new band members will spark something and get the creative juices flowing.  Either way, he is right that the nine studio albums already released will provide plenty of outlets for his guitar shredding.  Enjoy the show, folks!



This hip-hop group has provided some solid music over the years since they formed at Western Kentucky University back in the 90s.  Although their original lead MC (Prophet) left the group years ago, they are still going strong and will be a fun and loose night of beats and rhymes.  Even if you are just there for the classics from their amazing debut, Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz alone you won’t be disappointed – and you might be surprised at how much good music they have released on their subsequent six albums.



These dudes came onto my radar about two years ago with their Versus LP, an irreverent and fun mix of punk and slacker pop/rock.  Their Roadrunners record from earlier this year keeps that tradition going and I am guessing that their live act is going to be full of energy and good times.



A new discovery for me, this indie-rock outfit released a solid album in 1999 and then waited until a couple years ago to release a follow up.  Guitar-centric and atmospheric, mellow rock n roll that should sound pretty nice on a late-March evening.



Another new find, the few jams I have heard so far are mellowed out but groovy and thoughtful.  This is pretty emotional stuff, at least from what I have heard so far, but it is compelling and shows some talented songwriting.



She calls herself and her band “dream-folk psychedelic rock”, and that works well enough for me.  It is pretty, it is interesting, and I plan to check it out.



As I write this I am thoroughly enjoying a few songs from this dude.  This is some solid blues-infused slacker rock; imagine if Sonny Smith took himself just a little bit more seriously.  “Hidin’ Out Blues” is a real treat, and I suspect their live show will be also.



A pretty girl with an instrument and a nice voice – usually that is enough to catch my interest.  That is the case here, and based on the songs I have heard so far, I intend to give this artist a listen.  This is mellow acoustic guitar and mandolin fare, which can provide a nice respite from the endless onslaught of amplified guitar to the eardrums.



I saw these guys on Conan last year and thought their arena pop and rock n roll combination was quite intriguing.  I haven’t really heard much from them outside of that performance, but will check them out and add them to my list of bands I plan to catch at the festival.



Local singer/songwriter Nick Delffs always puts on a great show with his thoughtful and positive folk/rock compositions.  He is often shoeless on stage, and always has a smile on his face.  He is one of my favorite Boise artists and I’m looking forward to hearing any new tunes he may be testing out after seeing him twice in 2018.



Another local band, I saw these guys open for Mt. Joy earlier this year and really enjoyed their guitar attack.  With a newly released single and another on its way, they will be testing out some new tracks which is always fun to experience.  Long live great music from Boise!  See you guys there.


Others on my radar:

Lee Corey Oswald

Western Daughter

Bread & Circus