New Music 12/14/18: Delta Mud

Hot off the presses: new music!  Better said, new music that is worth your time.

Delta mud

Delta Mud – Desert Road (EP) – 4 tracks / 17 minutes

Local bluesman John Kunk and his crew hit the jackpot on their self-released debut EP.  Check this out!  Better yet, see them live, you will not be disappointed.


Who says the blues can’t be simultaneously genuine, fun, and also rock?  It seems that many of the blues recordings I have heard lately either lack substance or soul, but look no further than Desert Road for evidence that the blues are not dead – in fact, they are alive and well right here in southern Idaho.  Delta Mud have captured a terrific balance between the raw and biting sound of southern delta blues and fun-loving rock n roll on their maiden effort.

Longtime readers may remember my review of John Kunk’s solo playing earlier this year – he truly blew me away with his fun-loving yet serious as a mofo solo take on the blues.  I have had the pleasure of seeing him solo and with his band a few times since, and can report that this recording comes close to living up to the energy and essence of the live show.  On the killer leadoff track “Ain’t Your Slave” it is quickly apparent why John decided to get himself a band: Tamilla Macklin’s backing vocals are a perfect accompaniment to his muscular guitar riffing, and Sam Gates provides that steady and sure drumming that any good rock song requires.  On “Wicked Ways” Tamilla gets her own time on the mic and her sultry voice has no trouble leading the charge.

The title track is a highlight here, with vivid imagery of riding through the desert with the Devil over a bluesy guitar riff and raw drumming that is reminiscent of the loose, fast, and fun early recordings of The White Stripes or The Black Keys.  Perhaps better comparisons could be made to the dirty, grimy blues rock of Left Lane Cruiser or the simple but powerful home recordings of one of my favorites, Lonesome Shack.  They truly don’t sound like any of those bands, they are their own monster – but that will give you the ballpark they are working from.  Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with all of those aforementioned bands, get your ass (and your ears) in gear!

All four songs here are worthy listens, and will find you joining the growing number of fans they are picking up with every live appearance.  These guys are going places, check them out live when you can and get on board now, before it’s too late.


Key Tracks: “Desert Road”, “Ain’t Your Slave”

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Also released (and not strong enough to recommend):

Method Man – Meth Lab Season 2: The Lithium

This LP is a bloated mess, with far too many interludes, wasted instrumental breaks, and copious guest appearances.  Over the course of the album’s 57 minutes, Meth probably raps on about 10 minutes of it.  This makes for a very frustrating listen, although on the few tracks that he does appear there is genuine goodness to be had.  See “Grand Prix” and “Two More Mins” as examples, but the trouble is that these tracks are short and sweet, and account for about 10% of this effort.