Year of the Ryan

2019 sure looks to be coming up roses for Mr. Adams and his fans (myself included).

By now frequent readers understand my admiration for Ryan Adams, one of our greatest songwriters today.  Seeing him for the second time last year was a highlight, as his music has been a large part of the soundtrack of my life ever since high school.  His latest release, Prisoner, is one of his finest solo efforts and found its way onto my Top Ten list for 2017.  Rumors have it that he has plenty of new material recorded and/or written, and speculation has run rampant as to what the ever-prolific songcrafter would be up to next.

Well, a couple weeks ago we got our answer.  First of all, there is going to be a full-on U.S. tour; dates have yet to be announced, but we do know that he is first spending the spring in Europe.  This is terrific news, although the chances of him visiting southwest Idaho for the first time since 2007 are slim.  The bigger news is that for the second time in his career (2005), Ryan will be releasing three (count em, 1, 2 3) new albums!  The first will drop in April, and is titled Big Colors.


Do yourself a favor and drop what you are doing and listen to the first single released from that album, called “Fuck the Rain”.  Don’t let the profane title fool you, this three and a half minutes of gorgeously fun, soulful earworm pop-rock is an instant classic.  Easily my favorite track of the year this far (yes, I understand that we are only 8.22% of the way through it), this gem’s guitar solo was laid down by none other than John Mayer – love him or hate him, he can sure play the axe.  And as if we needed another reminder 20 years into his solo journey, Ryan can sure pen a catchy pop/rock song.  Here’s to The Year of the Ryan!

Spotify “Fuck the Rain” link: