Say It Ain’t So! The Year of the Ryan steers itself into the ditch.

Folks, this is even more depressing than his “sad bastard” music… and probably doesn’t end well.


Just a few weeks ago, I used this site to share some very exciting news – one of my very favorite artists and America’s finest contemporary songwriter (at least before Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty came along), Ryan Adams, was releasing three albums in 2019.  The first single from the first of those three efforts, the lush and gorgeous “Fuck the Rain”, was a great teaser to the music that was forthcoming.

Earlier this week, some altogether different news about Ryan Adams dropped, courtesy of the New York Times.  If you haven’t heard, NYT has some disturbing and thorough analysis, testimonials, and commentary you can catch up on here:  In response, Ryan issued a statement that both apologized to anyone he has harmed while vehemently and flatly denying the worst of the accusations.  The man has had a reputation for being difficult and moody; basically the very definition of the troubled artist/mercurial asshole, but this is new and potentially career-killing territory.  Again, say it ain’t so.

A successful man in the entertainment arena using his power to garner, um, favor, with young women is not a new or rare phenomenon (sadly).  However, some of the details of Ryan’s alleged behavior are particularly disturbing, considering the pattern presented and the fact that one of the women was decidedly underage at the time (the FBI is currently investigating that matter).

Now, Mr. Adams has strongly denied claims that he knowingly interacted inappropriately with anyone underage, and we should all remember that he is innocent until proven otherwise.  Furthermore, the two never met in person.  However, this is some serious shit and has led to his new album (Big Colors, the first of the three planned for this year) being indefinitely held, putting the planned April 19th release date very much in doubt.  Total bummer…