2019 Grammys Recap

Yes, I’m a week late, and if you care about this at all then you already know more than I do about it.  Also, why am I even writing about this nonsense??? Warning: Copious levels of snark ahead!

Well, this’ll be short and sweet.  I didn’t watch, and the couple people I talked to who did said that aside from Alicia Keys being a mind-blowing talent, nothing at all was missed.  God Bless You, Alicia, for bringing some genuine beauty, class, and talent to this debacle and charade of a music awards ceremony.

Most of the music celebrated here is either garbage, outright pop, pop that masquerades as “country”, or pop that tries its hardest to be “rock”.  So it is no surprise that I don’t even know who the hell most of the nominees and eventual winners are.  In years past, this would bum me out a bit, making me feel old and/or out of touch.  Now, I understand that although I may in fact be old and out of touch, I don’t want to be hip if this is what hip music is.  There were a few exceptions, and some decent music was awarded – but, even then, in most cases the best outcome was not realized.  Such is life…

Chris Cornell received a posthumous Best Rock Performance Grammy for his “When Bad Does Good”, a solid track from a deserving recipient.  Greta Van Fleet was nominated for almost every rock and rock-tangent category, so it was not a shock that they took home the Best Rock Album for “From the Fires”.  I guess, fine, but what about Alice in Chains, Interpol, A Perfect Circle, Father John Misty, or Anderson East (just to name a few worthy and popular enough to ever be considered for a Grammy)?  My man Beck was rewarded a Best Alternative Music Album for his techno-pop saturated Colors, which, okay, but now go back to a different sound, please sir.

Kacey Musgraves was a big winner on the country music front, as she won almost everything available, much like Chris Stapleton last year. Brandi Carlile took home the Best Americana Album nod that I had hoped John Prine would win, as well as a couple of Roots Grammys.  Dave Chappelle (welcome back, dude) picked up the Best Comedy Album, and Punch Brothers added a Best Folk Album Grammy to their accomplishments.

Fewer people watched this than in recent years, and slowly but surely it is losing its relevance.  Or at least that is what I tell myself.  Here’s to another year of great music, 98% of which won’t get recognized or celebrated next February…