Young the Giant (Knitting Factory – Boise) – 3/7/19

The SoCal pop-rockers come to town and break the seal on the newly rechristened Knitting Factory.

Since the Knit nearly burned to the ground back in September, there have been incessant rumors about when it would open up again, but those rumors never came to fruition.  Hell, even the Bad Suns show three days before this was moved to the Egyptian at the last minute.  I consider myself lucky that I already had a couple tickets for this sold-out grand re-opening.  And sold out it was; when my homeboy and I arrived we bristled at the incredibly long line to get in and went straight to the Ha’Penny bar next door instead.

After a couple drinks and the standard Irish music (followed by some very questionable karaoke), we headed in to the Knit about ten minutes before Young the Giant took the stage.  This means we missed the opener, Sure Sure, but I guess that’s fine.  As we were getting our IDs checked at the door, we heard a couple guys behind us try the “we play for the visiting minor-league hockey team in town” routine to get free tickets- #fail.

As we walked in and went to the upstairs bar, my buddy commented on the carpeting on the floor- which not only seems a bit bizarre in a gathering place for inebriated people with drinks in their hands, but is, you know, flammable.  Ya, we got jokes.  I snapped a pic while up there just to get a sense of the crowd below – it was full to the brim.


Once downstairs, the changes to the bar catch the eye immediately.  Gone is the bar’s back wall, and now it is a 360o island that takes up significantly less space than before.  This leads to a more open feel, better sight of the stage from the back, and more room for the wallflowers to chill and still see the action.


Thumbs up on that alteration, as well as the removal of the towers on each side of the stage that once held up speakers.  With those now suspended from the ceiling, the sightlines are now virtually unobstructed; and, I swear the sound was slightly better than before.


As for the music, you ask?  Well, it was top-notch.  After a fairly slow start, with several mellow/downer songs, YTG found their stride and played crowd pleasers like “Amerika”, “Cough Syrup”, and “Call Me Back”.  The five-piece brought plenty of energy, and their lights were elaborate and at times mesmerizing.  At the end of each song, all would briefly fade to black, and the ladies in the crowd would loudly show their love and appreciation.


About 50 minutes in, they left the stage – was this a sound problem?  An intermission of some sort?  Surely, this wasn’t an encore break already.  Turns out it was, as when they came back out they performed fantastic renditions of “Superposition” (the highlight of the night), “Tightrope”, and “My Body” – and then promptly thanked the audience and walked away.

While this may be the shortest headlining set I have ever seen (only about 70 minutes in total), it was highly entertaining and a blast most of the time they were up there.  It would have been nice to hear “Mirror Master” or “Glory” from their latest album, and sure they could have given us a little more, but it was nice to be back in the good ol’ Knit (or Big Easy, if you will).  Things seem right in the downtown Boise music scene again.


Not quite a full setlist, there were a couple I didn’t recognize… but here are most of the songs we heard.

Something to Believe In


Titus Was Born



Cough Syrup

Mind Over Matter

Nothing’s Over

Call Me Back




My Body