Treefort Music Festival Day One – 3/20/19 (The Pan Handles, Eureka California, CMMNWLTH)

The slowest night of this five-day festival still provided some music worth seeing.

Thanks to a combination of the weakest lineup of the five days and my Mariners playing baseball games in Tokyo, I knew Wednesday would be the most low-key of the five days.  Here is a quick rundown…


The Pan Handles (The Olympic)


This Boise-based bluegrass band was a treat to watch, and featured two solid vocalists.  Instrumentation included acoustic guitar, violin, pedal steel, stand-up bass, mandolin, and bongo percussion.  The Olympic was full and when these guys (and gal – with a strong voice) got going, the place was jumping.  Highlight of the set was a deep-cut cover of Bob Dylan’s “Golden Loom”, a Desire-era outtake.


Eureka California (Linen Building)


This punk-rocking duo brought serious urgency and noise for their 35 minutes.  This was my most highly anticipated set of the night, and they delivered.  Sure this is no Jack and Meg White, but they have that vibe and energy, stopping only once to tell us a brief story.  They had come from Boulder, CO that morning and when their battery died it basically drained their cash supply, and we were reminded that they have plenty of merch for sale.  Also, we were reminded that so many of these bands we watch this weekend are small-time acts who are doing it for exposure and their dream, and certainly not for any real money.


Their setlist was a long one (these are short songs, folks), but here are a few highlights: “Threads”, “Time After Time After Time After Time”, and my favorite, “Mexican Coke”.


CMMNWLTH (Linen Building)


After taking a break to go get some food with my peeps (Calle 75 is not quick…), I arrived partway through this set and got stuck near the back of a packed Linen Building.  These local guys were one of my highlights from last year’s fest and I have had the chance to see them since – watch out for them, they are going places.  They were loud and proud and a blast to hear – although I couldn’t really see them from where I was…