Treefort Music Festival Day Three – 3/22/19 (Dentist, Frankiie, Mt. Joy, Cy Dune, Cedric Burnside)

As exhaustion begins to firmly set in, I get out of work early enough to catch a few afternoon sets before the third night kicks off.

Dentist (Neurolux)


Somehow the only Neurolux set I attended over the five days, how the Hell can that be??? This trio from New Jersey was a real treat, lead singer/bassist commented on how nice everyone here is – of course, she is from NJ… her wail/scream at the end of their last song shattered her rock and roll Barbie persona, but in a good way.


Frankiie (Modern parking lot)

No picture here, too busy beer-ing and chatting with my musical spirit animal, Gregor.  These gals were young and talented, if not a little unadventurous.  Nice mellow music to have in the background while catching up on exactly what had happened the night before.  The Modern parking lot was a very cool setup to catch a show on this lovely Friday afternoon – shoutout to the bass player for killing it, and being super cute while doing it.


Took a break to go eat and watch Duke/ND St, where the first half was waaaay closer than it should have been.  They took care of biz in 2nd half…


Mt. Joy (Main Stage)


These folksy humans from Colorado were just as good as when I saw them last spring, and included a couple new covers: Flaming Lips and Bill Withers.  Halfway through, they paused and called up two audience members, which led to a wedding proposal (she said yes).  Good times had by all, and then time to move on for some rockin’ at the Olympic.


I’m Your Wreck



Jenny Jenkins

Dirty Love

(Wedding proposal break)

Mt. Joy

Do You Realize?? (Flaming Lips cover)



Aint No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover)

Silver Lining


Cy Dune (The Olympic)


Cy was an unknown for me when I caught his El Korah set at last year’s Treefort, and this time around it was a show I didn’t want to miss.  Unfortunately, I got to hear my favorite track of his (“Where the Wild Things Are”) while waiting in line outside.  Once we got in, I thoroughly enjoyed his relentless and sometimes over the top riffage, but I don’t think my friends were too impressed.  In particular, his super repetitive 6-minute rendition of “No Recognize” made me happy – and damn near broke my neck.  Long Live Cy Dune!


Cedric Burnside (The Olympic)

The highlight of the night, bar none.  Cedric let us know that it was time for some “hill country blues from Holly Springs, Mississippi”.  Known as the grandson of legendary bluesman R.L. Burnside, Cedric is making a name for himself, and his last record recently won a Grammy.  It came as no surprise to me that fellow bluesman and buddy John Kunk was in attendance for this one.  Cedric opened the set playing three songs solo on acoustic guitar. (Yes, I was pretty close to the action)…


After the mellow portion, the electric guitar came out – as did a drummer.  Things got a bit more lively, and the crowd went wild.  After each song, Cedric would proclaim “well, well, well”, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  However, after watching him kill it on guitar for half hour, the best was yet to come…


Turns out Cedric has been playing guitar for only a few years, and in his youth was a drummer.  Well, when he got behind the kit, I didn’t know this – holy shit.  Dude can bang it out with the best of them, and everyone in attendance was spellbound.  What a show, what an artist – thankfully we would get an encore performance the next afternoon.  I checked it out (review later), after somehow sleeping for 12 ½ hours uninterrupted, which I don’t think I have done in ten years.