Slothrust (Olympic – Boise) – 4/2/19

A Tuesday night in which I drag my little brother out of the house and we thoroughly enjoy a few hours of rock.

Opener: The Prom Effect

These gals and guys were already going when bro and I walked in, and this band was a pleasant surprise.  The gals on guitar and keys provided the vocals while the fellas provided the rhythm section.  They rocked out pretty damn hard and we were glad we made it in time to see a few of their songs.



Opener: Rituals of Mine

This electronic/hip-hop duo was entertaining, no doubt.  Although the music was not really my style, and I don’t foresee myself seeking out their albums, lead vocalist/MC Terra Lopez had energy and enthusiasm for days, and Adam Pierce is a very, very talented drummer.  He kept the pace going while Terra rapped and sang (with a surprisingly pretty voice), with beats and sound effects piped in the background.

The lights on Adam’s kit were mesmerizing as they changed color and flashed with the music, and only made his obvious skill seem that much more impressive.  During their set, I saw Leah Wellbaum (singer/guitarist for Slothrust and definite crush of mine) standing at their merch table and resisted the urge to go try to talk to her.  I’m wholeheartedly proud of myself for this.



Headliner: Slothrust


Speaking of the talented and adorable Leah, I was pumped up to see a musical hero of mine, Doug Martsch, standing front and center right up against the stage for the Slothrust set.  Seeing him watching her do her thing made me feel a little better about the numerous times I have stood just a few feet away while Doug does what he does.

Leah is a total goober when she performs, having a blast while making faces and gyrating wildly throughout.  Before they started into their first song, the short instrumental “Surf Goth”, she waved hello spastically to the crowd of approximately 125 folks.


After “For Robin”, her tribute to the late Robin Williams, Leah professed that when on tour she rarely knows what day it is.  In fact, the previous week she had told crowds “Happy Friday” – on a Thursday and again on a Saturday.  She shared how pleased she was to have correctly identified today as Tuesday earlier that morning.

I was pleased that they included “New Red Pants”, one of my favorite tracks from their excellent 2018 album The Pact.  Leah noted that they had just incorporated that song into their set a few nights before.   They also included some mellower moments, such as “On My Mind”, also from their most recent album.  This song found Leah singing without a guitar, and bassist Kyle Bann moved over to a keyboard.  Leah thanked everyone for coming out, adding that one of the last times they played in Boise there were “like, eleven people” there.


During a quick bass/drums jam session that found Kyle start with the riff from Sugar Ray’s “Every Morning” and then going off on tangents from there, Leah sat on the side of the stage drinking and stretching.


Oh, and of course, there was rock!  Especially towards the end, when we were treated to three of their finest songs: “Double Down”, “Planetarium”, and “Crockpot”.  On the middle song, my brother and I (and about a dozen others) lost our shit, jumping around and headbanging for three glorious minutes.  This was a great night and I definitely recommend seeing this young and talented band when they come back (come back, guys).




Surf Goth

Birthday Cake


7:30 AM

Rotten Pumpkin

For Robin

Walk Away

Sex And Candy (Marcy Playground cover)

Magnets Pt. 2

Bass/drum jam

New Red Pants

Fever Doggs

On My Mind

Double Down


Horseshoe Crab


Spotify setlist playlist link: