Boot Juice (The Olympic – Boise) – 5/31/19

A night of very impressive local music in the always terrific Olympic Venue.

Opener: The Trees The Trees


“Les Bois! Les Bois!” So allegedly shouted Lewis (or Clark, or somebody) when they crossed over the mountains and looked down upon the Treasure Valley.  The Trees The Trees is therefore a perfect name for a Boise band, and although they have appeared at Treefort I had not seen them before.  Turns out, I have been missing the boat – these guys can really play.  The first of two six-piece bands on the evening, these dudes feature two vocalists strumming acoustic guitars, an electric violin, bass, drums, and the star of the show (at least visually) – the neon’d up keyboardist.  I mean, just check out those shoes!  Check the shades!  Homeboy even had a lab coat on and was drinking out of a beaker.  Full commitment, there.


I recommend checking this band out, they are quite talented and have a great sound.


Headliner: Boot Juice


I can’t find a lot of info on these cats (but in truth, I didn’t spent hours scouring the internet), but I had heard them described as the greatest band to come out of Crouch (or maybe it was Horseshoe Bend…).  Also, there are rumors that a couple of the guys are river guides and California transplants.  Regardless, this is a killer band.  Not just a “hey, they are pretty good for a local band” quality, but more like the “oh shit these guys are going to be touring nationally in a little bit” variety.

Again, I am ignorant to their names so I’ll just use generic pronouns, but don’t let that be considered a slight.  The gal on lead vocals crushed it (although the mix was not optimal and at times she was lost among the instruments), and this band had a terrific blend of that acoustic/bluegrass sound and electric guitar.  Add in some stellar mandolin (a personal favorite when done well), bass and drums, and you have something special.


Towards the end of their over two-hour set, they did a few covers, which is always fun.  Notably Alabama Shakes’ “Hold On” (sung by the fellas, which was a cool take and really got the crowd moving) which they performed with terrific energy and conviction, and a not quite as convincing take on one of my favorite songs, Dire Straits “Walk of Life”.  All in all, this was a ridiculously epic three hours of music for the $12 cover and I highly, highly recommend anyone in Boise on July 26th get your ass to Pengilly’s and check them out.