Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #490: Gang of Four – Entertainment (1979)

The ol’ RS-500 project leads to another pleasant new discovery for yours truly.


Considering the massive volume of bands that cite these guys as an inspiration, I am ashamed to admit I had not heard them before this exercise.  This record finds them working a consistent formula of tight and jangly guitar riffs, concise drumming, and aloof vocals filled with punk-rock attitude.  It is not hard to see their influence on much of the 80s and 90s punk and rock that followed them, and although I am not in love with this music I definitely appreciate it.

One band that professes their love of Gang of Four seems surprising until you consider the similarities in styles relative to party/ass-shaking rock guitar: Franz Ferdinand.  Yes, this review is short and sweet, as probably more of mine should be – but if you are a fan of The Clash, early U2, or any other music that is dance-ready but comes with plenty of attitude, this is worth a listen.

Worthy Tracks: “Ether”, “Damaged Goods”, “Contract”

Final Verdict: Although this falls short of classic status in my book, it is a fun listen and clearly influenced a lot of music that followed.

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