New Music 7/12/19: Kyle Craft

Hot off the presses: new music!  Better said, new music that is worth your time.


Kyle Craft – Showboat Honey – 11 tracks / 36 minutes

The Louisiana-raised songwriter’s third LP continues to show his songwriting chops and some clear influences.


Full Circle Nightmare, Kyle’s breakthrough (and first effort with his backing band Showboat Honey) was one of my favorite records of 2018, so expectations were pretty high for this one.  While Showboat is not as consistent from front to back as that effort was, there are plenty of high points and I’m happy to report that there is more solid songwriting: see the sad but lovely “Johnny (Free & Easy)” or the heartfelt and mellowed out beauty of “Bed of Needles #2”.  His band is nothing to sneeze at, but the star of the show is certainly Kyle’s lyrics and vocal delivery of them.

Craft is obviously influenced by the southern rock of generations past as well as Brit-pop, and he is at his best when he melds those two sounds into his own concoction, as he does on “O! Lucky Hand” and “2 Ugly 4 NY”.  On the catchy-as-Hell leadoff track “Broken Mirror Pose” Kyle shows some anxiety to his recent success, singing “they came to my house, broke down the door, stuck a mic to my mouth said tell us more; but don’t give us riddles and lines, give it to us straight this time.”

If you want to rock out a bit, and maybe even find yourself shaking your ass (or at least tapping a foot), give this guy a chance – I’m glad I did.  Also, side note: Long Live Sub Pop Records.  Just sayin’…

Key Tracks: “Bed of Needles #2”, “Broken Mirror Pose”, “2 Ugly 4 NY”

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