Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #488: D’Angelo – Voodoo (2000)

AKA the shortest post in In My Room history


This one will be short and sweet, folks.  As I go through the Top 500 list, there certainly will be plenty of records that just won’t appeal to me, but at least I am becoming more well-rounded and civilized with each edition.  This is some polished and sensual R&B, with soul for days.  It just isn’t for me, unless perhaps as some background music.

I heard Ahmir Thompson (the kids call him Questlove) on an episode of the Broken Record podcast and he was talking about the painstaking attention to detail at these recording sessions back in 1999, and you can hear it in the finished product.  D’Angelo is a critical darling and his music is beloved, although in over 25 years he has only released three studio LPs. My favorite song here is “Left and Right”, which features subtle appearances by Method Man and Red Man.

Worthy Tracks: “Left and Right”, “The Line”

Final Verdict: Just because I don’t get it doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a hater.  On to the next one!

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