Lounge on Fire (Goathead Festival @ Cecil D. Andrus Park-Boise) 8/3/19

On a remarkably mild and beautiful Saturday afternoon Boise’s bicycle enthusiasts, hippies, bored people, and hippy bicyclers all come together and are treated to an hour of great local music.

After seeing them at Alive After Five last year (or was it 2017, how time flies), I have these guys on my short list among the many great up and coming bands from the Boise area.  I planned to meet some folks down at Goathead Festival to grab a couple of beers, support a good cause (Boise Bicycle Project), and talk some shit outside.  When I saw the music schedule, I decided that I would show up around 3:30 on Saturday to make sure I caught LOF’s 4:00 set.  They didn’t disappoint.


Nathan Norton (vocals/guitar) and his five-piece band (they were down a trumpet on this day) had the crowd of a few hundred shaking their booties from the start.  Nathan’s use of two mics, one with a fantastic distortion effect, kept things loose and unpredictable – as did his occasionally scat-tastic delivery.  Midway through the set, Alan backed away from the keyboards and melted some faces with a few guitar solos of his own.

When the band took the stage there was plenty of room up front, but after Nathan asked the crowd to squeeze in and come dance with them, many folks obliged.  As a bearded man in a tie-dye tank cruised around in a tricycle they continued to bring the goods for the entire hour.

The music they play is soul and funk-drenched rock and roll, and has just enough fuzzed out guitar to go along with the keys and of course, the horn section.  Oh, that horn section, aka the star of the show… even with only a trombone and sax in tow, the brass was formidable and kept the good times rolling.  Nathan mentioned that the band is currently in the studio recording an album that he joked might come out next spring, next summer, or never.  Here’s hoping it captures the magic of their live shows.