The Nude Party (Olympic – Boise) 8/10/19

Three diverse and talented bands for $15 = one fun night at The Olympic Venue.

Opener: The Love Bunch

Simply put, these local lads were the highlight of the night for me and a very fortuitous find.  The quartet’s music ranges from surf-rock to garage-punk to psychedelia, sometimes within the same song.  There was one constant throughout – they were getting immense joy playing for people.


When Austin, their lead singer, belted out a madman’s shriek midway through the fantastic grooves of “Haunted Hot Tub” (done as an instrumental on this night), the smile on his face was priceless.  That song is a true gem, and after they finished Austin said “that was a Halloween song, a little early, we’re just getting ready.”  I will definitely be making an effort to catch these guys performing again and intend to dive into their available music on Spotify soon.


Opener: Boa


This trio from Louisville was a substitute for the scheduled opener Pinky Pinky.  Yes, this was to be the greatest lineup of names I had ever seen, but Boa’s music didn’t let us down.  They were considerably more polished than their predecessors, and lacked some of the spunk and energy, but they brought the funk – as you would expect with a bass playing lead singer.  When their guitar player broke a string halfway through their set, he didn’t bother to stop and fix it – he just grabbed a different axe and kept on keepin’ on.  Well played, sir.


Headliner: The Nude Party


I wrote about The Nude Party’s 2018 eponymous LP on this very blog last year, and have been a fan ever since.  Consisting of seven members, this band has that late 60s-early 70s rock vibe, and many of their songs wear that period’s influence proudly on their sleeves.  Their sound was solid throughout, they had plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and the songs were short, sweet, and groovy.  One of my friends that came along was dancing so happily that she fell to the floor – a sure sign of good music (a slick floor, and, perhaps, intoxication).


If I had a complaint it would be that they only played for about 50 minutes, and we would have gladly heard some more.  They are pretty obviously working on songs that will appear on their sophomore LP, as six of the twelve songs they played for us were of unreleased new material.  The music was good, and their sign game is also strong – even if the Olympic’s stage background didn’t accommodate and it was relegated to the back of the room.





Paper Trail (Money)

Please Pardon Me Satan*

Astral Man



Water on Mars

Gringo Che

Sweet Virginia*

What’s the Deal*

Chevrolet Van


Feels Alright