Travis Tritt (Idaho Center Amphitheater – Nampa) 8/17/19

Show #3 (and it would appear, the last) on my recent “Country Music of My Childhood” nostalgia tour.

Opener: Charlie Daniels Band


When, halfway through he and his band’s opening set, Charlie Daniels told the crowd that he had been doing this for 61 years, I thought I heard him wrong.  Turns out, I heard the 82 year old violin and guitar playing crooner just fine – now stop and think about that for a minute.  Charlie has been playing music for paying customers for three years longer than Barack Obama has been alive.  Astounding.

The best part is that the old man can still bring it – I never saw him in his glory days, but with his band in tow he sounded more than fine.  After a little crowd work, a bizarre shout out to Florida State (who the hometown Broncos were preparing to open their football season against), and a nice cover of The Man In Black’s “Folsom Prison Blues”, we got what we had been waiting for – the deliciously twangy classic “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.  Sure, the premise is a bit hokey, and the song is a bit played out, but the crowd didn’t mind a bit.


Headliner: Travis Tritt

No, he isn’t Clint, and he sure isn’t Dwight- but Travis Tritt has an impressive catalogue of songs and knows how to please a crowd.  The man is an outspoken advocate and spokesperson for military vets, and brought that up a few times throughout the show, even dedicating songs to the men and women in the crowd who wear or wore the uniform.


This was a family affair, as Mom was in town and she bought tickets for my brother and I for our birthdays.  It hearkened back to being raised in the early 90s on the country music of that era, and many of those songs were represented.  The weather was glorious, the sound was clear and crisp, and having my closest humans with me at a show was as fantastic as it is rare.

Unfortunately, my setlist below is incomplete as I had my fair share of adult beverages (good ol’ DD Mama) and failed to be my usual diligent note-taking self.  In fact, I even managed to trip on a curb and jack up my knees something fierce, so all in all you could say that it was a fun night that hurt more than a little bit the next morning.  You could also say that these pictures are about as fuzzy as my memory of the proceedings.

Travis and his band were everything we had shown up to see, and he very sincerely and lovingly introduced his band before they tore into his hit “T-R-O-U-B-L-E”, but I was too far gone to take note of their names.  Here’s a Google, if you are someone who cares.



Setlist (incomplete):

Put Some Drive In Your Country

Move It on Over (George Thorogood cover)

I’m Gonna Be Somebody

The Whisky Ain’t Workin’

Where Corn Don’t Grow

Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof

Take It Easy (Eagles cover)


Night Moves (Bob Seger cover)


It’s a Great Day to Be Alive

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