Thunderpussy (Hannah’s – Boise) 8/20/19

Darlings of Treeforts past come back to Boise for their own headlining set at Hannah’s (on a Tuesday?!?).

Opener: Juice


The first of two local opening acts had some serious soul and got the sparse early crowd moving.  Their drummer was on point throughout and the guitar was steady but served only to compliment the grooves the basslines were sending out.  My buddy and I were enjoying them quite a bit until they jumped the shark towards the end of their set.

You see, their singer acted alarmed and distraught, asking the crowd to keep an eye out for a thumb drive they had misplaced somewhere in the bar.  This went on for a minute or two, long enough that people even started to look around for it.  Next thing you know, they are singing a premeditated song about their thumb drive (in a bizarre collab with Rocky Johnson, no less) – ah, that ol’ trick.  If they skip the theatrics, they put on a pretty fun show.


Opener: Marshall Poole

The only negative to the evening was how much Rocky and the crew dragged the show out.  By the time the second band, Marshall Poole, took the stage, we were getting bored and found ourselves a pool table (and a lovely cocktail waitress) to pass our time.  Thus, no picture here to show y’all.  Marhsall Poole sounded all right, and I enjoyed their keyboard vibes, but they were at their best when they were rocking and jamming out.


Headliner: Thunderpussy

Oh, that name!  I know, I know… trust me, as the show drew nearer I took great pleasure in telling people about this band and watching the various reactions.  When I saw these gals at Treefort in 2016 (2017?) they blew me away – not necessarily because of amazing songs, but mostly their showmanship (showwomanship?) and retro rock sound.

Make no mistake, this all-gal quartet can rock out, but their strengths are in the fantastic drumming and guitar work.  Some of the banter and theatrics of their singer (who does have a great voice and can belt it out just fine, thanks) can be a little much and takes away from what is actually pretty solid music.


On this night, they got started far too late – we had been at Hannah’s for well over three hours by the time their guitarist took the stage and gave us a terrific guitar via violin bow solo.  When the entire band joined her, they reminded us of why we had shown up in the first place.   This was the last night of their tour, and before they headed back to their Seattle home they gave us all they had.


This included a few of my favorites of theirs (“Velvet Noose”, “Speed Queen”, and “Never Know”) as well as a surprisingly awesome cover of Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion”.  I have to say this was the first time I had ever seen someone do Aerosmith, and although I don’t care much for that band, it was pretty excellent.

Some of the finest moments of the evening involved the three ladies on guitar, bass, and drums just having fun making noise together, and my only critique would be to ask for more of that.