Lucy Dacus (The Olympic – Boise) 10/18/19

In all honesty, I attended this show because my gal had an extra ticket for me – but I can say unequivocally that I’m glad I did.

A quick note before I begin – this review will be short and sweet.  I felt it still worthwhile because although my notes are minimal and pictures are garbage thanks to the fact that my phone’s camera is stuck in “non-stop seizure mode”, it was a great night of music.  That phone camera issue will have to be addressed ASAP, and you’ve been forewarned that the next two shows I’m writing about soon will also have pics that look like they were taken by an A.D.D-stricken spastic toddler.  Thanks, Apple!


Opener: Sun June

The first of three acts on this night, all led by female vocalists.  When they took the stage, Laura Colwell had a disclaimer for the near sold-out crowd: “this is going to be really chill”.  She was right, as their self-described “regret pop” was very atmospheric and soothing.  It was also quite good.

They were a trio on this night and got by without drums, and the songs of longing and sadness were quite beautiful.  Laura’s voice is fantastic throughout but “Discotheque” was the highlight.  I guess that’s why it is their #1 song on Spotify.  No pics, I was busy getting drinks and getting settled and spaced it.  I’m an amateur, after all – this drivel is still free of charge.


Opener: Liza Anne


Holy Stealing The ShowTM Batman!  This gal (and her guitar player) absolutely blew our socks off and might have upstaged the headliner.  Liza likes to say that she “puts sound to feeling”, and she does that while rocking pretty hard.  She reminds me a bit of Leah Wellbaum, the mastermind behind Slothrust (one of my favorites that I saw two days after I saw Liza Anne’s band).  That is a big compliment, folks.

I recommend checking out her music, and seeing her if you get the chance.  Also, homeboy on guitar had an incredible hat that took me back to my youth, even if he is objectively too young to remember the NBA’s good old days of the 1990s.



Headliner: Lucy Dacus


I remembered enjoying Lucy’s opening set for Father John Misty last year, and thoroughly enjoy her new track “Forever Half Mast”.  She (and her band) didn’t disappoint on this night.  Alas, I had started the day at 5am in San Antonio and hit a wall about six songs in.  What we saw, we liked, especially when they rocked out a bit.  Again, I know this review is lighter on detail than usual, but all three of these acts were a treat and worth your time when they stroll into town.