Slothrust (Knitting Factory – Boise) 10/20/19

In another installment of “I’m Here for the Opener”, I see one of my favorite bands and then head out the door before the somewhat suspect headliner takes the stage.

Disclaimer – again.  My phone’s camera is totally fucked, so these pictures are brutal.  This should be the penultimate review with absurd picture quality – then back to my better but still obviously lacking photography prowess.


Opener: Slothrust


Third time in a year might be overkill, but the ticket was cheap and I thoroughly enjoyed the first two of their sets I saw.  After seeing them on a big stage at Aftershock and the intimate confines of The Olympic Venue, the 1,000 capacity Knitting Factory was middle ground.  Once again, they didn’t disappoint, and I have to say yet again to anyone who hasn’t yet listened that this band is one of the great rock acts making music today.  Simple yet effective, this trio sounds like a rock army.  The band is tight, and Leah is a genuine rock star – love the Lizzo t-shirt, also.


Midway through the set Leah set the guitar down and treated us to a stripped down version of the lonesome and regretful “On My Mind”. She said crowds are typically either “drainers or feeders”, and that she was happy to say we were the latter.


I’ve written about Leah and her stage presence and ironic takes on the classic rock face, and yep, she is still at it.  She is fun to watch while she is letting loose on the six-string on the punkier numbers like their opening instrumental “Surf Goth” or the ape-shit rant of “Fever Doggs”.  The highlight of the night was their closing trio of songs that started with “Planetarium”, which is a raucous sing along.  The introspective “Horseshoe Crab” was next, and Leah commented that she “wrote this when I was really depressed”.

“Crockpot” was a perfect set closer and features the all-time great lines “some men purchase real dolls, to fill the void; she don’t finish dinner and her expression never changes, don’t shake hands with the lonely kids cuz I hear that shit’s contagious” and “animals in my bed, animals in my bed, animals in the streets; I like cats, do you like cats, of course you do you sassy motherfucker”.  Maybe you had to be there, but when I shouted the latter out in unison with Leah, the people around me who clearly didn’t have a clue who Slothrust was about lost their shit.  Good stuff.  Be one of the cool kids and go listen to “Crockpot”, it is a great example of Leah’s off-kilter but amazing songwriting.



Surf Goth

Birthday Cake

7:30 AM



Sex and Candy (Marcy Playground cover)

Fever Doggs

On My Mind

Double Down


Horseshoe Crab


Spotify setlist playlist:



Headliner: Highly Suspect

Don’t ask me.

I was tired, and what I heard of them on Spotify didn’t inspire me to stick around to hear.

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  1. Ha. I waited weeks for this review to read about the Highly Suspect portion of the concert. I felt Slothrust likely showed up Highly Suspect as they were so great that I couldn’t have imagined that Highly Suspect topped them. Unfortunately I also showed up for the opening act and left before the headliner. 🙂 That’s funny though.


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