The Weary Times (Neurolux – Boise) 11/22/19

One of Boise’s finest local bands brings the goods to a small but happy crowd at the Lux.


To be honest, I wasn’t feeling going out on this night, but I pride myself on supporting good local music and I had a ticket and thoroughly enjoy The Weary Times so I drug my as out of my warm house and into the cold dark Boise night.  Although I got there a bit late, I immediately ran into Johnny Kunk who informed me that I had only missed their first song, but more importantly I had missed the opener, Rider & the Rolling Thunder.  These guys are a group I need to see, I was told, and I’m now on notice.

As for Ryan Curtis and his band, they were as solid as I remembered them.  Their sound varies from song to song, but Ryan’s growl and his two Mikes on guitar and keyboard lead the way with music that recalls an older brand of rock and roll.  I mean that in the best way possible – this stuff definitely rocks but also sounds as if it could have been written fifty years ago, with Ryan and the fellas finding it in some buried time capsule and taking it as their own.

My phone camera is still on the fritz and I was solo at this one, so here is my visual for you – only three more weeks until new phone time, thankfully.  Pretty badass acid-rock psychedelic photography, no?


They stayed mostly with their recent eponymous debut album (which I again recommend if you still haven’t taken my word for it and checked it out), but also played a couple of covers that I could not identify- one of them had an intro that was very reminiscent of “Johnny B Goode”.  Highlights were “Ain’t Done Drinking” which was played loud and fast, “Arms Around me” with its bombastic drums, “Best for You” with its amazing loud and proud organ-via-keyboard sonics, and “Anymore” which Ryan introduced as “our hard rock song”.

Sure, they covered up the crown behind the stage (always a pet peeve), but the lava lamp psychedelic colors were pretty cool, especially when contrasted with occasional footage from old westerns.  I wish Ryan’s vocals would have been louder in the mix, but overall these guys crushed their headlining set.  Be sure to check them out as they continue to play around town, or at least keep them in mind for Treefort 2020.