Johnny Kunk Concert Preview

Ranch Club – Garden City – Friday, December 13, 2019


Because you really should be there.


OK, if you have read this blog at all over the last couple of years you have seen me recommend this local Boise blues guitarist.  Dude plays the guitar like he’s ringing a bell, like it is part of his body, and all of the other clichés.  His harmonica work will leave you speechless.  No, he isn’t paying me to tell you this – in fact he might not be that pleased that I’m hyping him.  But, for all the reals, if you have been too busy or too lazy to check out one of his performances, shame on you.

This Friday my man John and drummer Sam Gates will be at the legendary Ranch Club in Garden City from 9:00-12:00, and you really should be there.  Typically I review each show after I see it, but I’ve already done that for a couple of his sets and frankly think it makes more sense to get the word out beforehand than to tell you yet again how great that thing you missed was.

Will there be a cover?  Probably, I’m sure.  What, do you want me to do research?  Throw down a few bucks, stimulate the local economy, and see some good local music.  If that’s not enough, I’ll be there also.  See ya there!

PS-if you don’t trust me, here are links to both his solo album Rough Start and the EP from his band Delta Mud.

John –

Delta Mud –