Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #481: The Smiths – The Smiths (1984)

I’ll go ahead and be on record, even if it costs me street cred, and say I don’t really get it.


Many people I know enjoy this band and this album in particular, so I was excited to give it another chance.  But I gotta be honest, it’s just too simultaneously mopey and pretentious for my taste.  On a few of the tracks the music is actually pretty compelling (see “Still Ill” as the best example), but Morrissey’s lyrics and delivery counter with my sonic sensibilities at almost every turn.

This music helped inform a whole host of contemporary musicians, so there is clearly something here to be thankful for.  Having said that, I’m going to honor the golden rule and move on to the next album.  Surely it will be amazing and lift my spirits… (checks notes)… Oh, George Michael… well, ok then.  Until next time!


Worthy Tracks: “Still Ill”, Reel Around the Fountain”

Final Verdict: Made me seek out “How Soon is Now” to cleanse the palette.  Moving on…

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