Holy Camaro (Neurolux) 1/24/20

This one will be short and sweet but I want to give them some love because they deserve it.

This was not a show I intended to see – in fact, I didn’t even know about it.  My buddy and I were standing in line to see Chris Kattan do standup comedy when some friends told us they were heading to Neurolux to see some music and maybe dance a little.  We decided that sounded like a good time (I may also have wanted to see a certain pretty lady) so off we went with no Earthly idea who was playing.

Turns out the band of the evening was Holy Camaro, a Nashville folk-rock quintet with a healthy dose of twang.  Their Facebook bio describes them as “funky country rockers”, and I say that sounds pretty apt based on what I heard.  When the band stepped on stage (with the lead man in a badass cowboy hat), they quickly realized they were drummer-less.  After a couple minutes, the man in question showed up, took his place behind the kit, and the music commenced.


Their set was a fun and loose affair that had enough pep to get a few of us up on the dance floor (there were only 30 or so people there to begin with), and even included a waltz that I enjoyed way more than I probably should have.  We were treated to a Bob Dylan & The Band cover that I recall being great but now can’t remember what song it was (total blogger fail).  Sometimes you luck into catching good music, and I’m always grateful for those opportunities.  Until next time, Holy Camaro.