Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #480: George Michael – Faith (1987)

Wham! We’re at #480 already!


Before George Michael, Arrested Development character (#georgemaharris), there was George Michael, pop star.  And before that, there was Wham! – but that is not what this post is about.  Look, I am not here to throw any shade or disrespect to a man who has built an impressive career and helped break barriers.  This guy has my utmost respect and I understand the influence he has had on many contemporary artists.  Having said that, this music is not for me so this will be brief.

Of those aforementioned influences, the one that rings loudest to me is Nathan Willett, who sings and writes songs for Cold War Kids, especially on the more anthemic tracks like “One More Try” and “Look at Your Hands”.  To be fair, there are tracks that while are not my cup of tea I totally understand how people get behind them – see “Father Figure” and “Hand to Mouth”.  If I am being honest, while I’ll admit “Faith” is catchy AF, I am a child of the late 90s and I much prefer the ridiculously over the top aggro Limp Bizkit version (this concludes the positive things I’m likely to say about the Bizkit on this blog).

For all those who loved this album in the 80s (and even today), nothing but love.  It is not for me, but I’m no hater.  The influence is clear, and the tunes, although dated, are pieces of history that have a significant import.

Worthy Tracks: “Faith”, “One More Try”, “Father Figure”

Final Verdict: No thanks- but I totally get it, folks.

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