Dylan LeBlanc (The Olympic – Boise) 2/11/20

In which I came for the Dylan, and was not disappointed, but left with a new addition to an already impressive list of local artists that make me feel lucky to live here.

Opener: Aaron Golay & the Original Sin

Just when you think you’re pretty hip to the local music scene, you show up to catch the opener on a random Tuesday night and find out that you have a new group to add to your list of Boise favorites.  Such was my experience at The Olympic last week when I caught Aaron and his terrific band and had my ass handed to me in the form of some of the best rock and roll I’ve heard recently.  After a blistering opening number, Aaron won me over with a simple “cheers, motherfuckers” before letting into another gem.


The man on the drums was going apeshit, hitting tempos and notes that most wouldn’t bother with, and to great effect.  The gal on bass was not only laying it down marvelously, but getting down with her bad self while she did it.  And Aaron, well, he is something special, folks.

The music varied from mid-tempo jams your mom would love to straight-up rock your balls off material, but one thing was constant- it was immersed in the blues and had real soul to it.  For a guy who writes about music online, I’m the first to admit my lack of talent at the task, but trust me- this is a band to check out when you get the chance.



Headliner: Dylan LeBlanc


In a further sign that people really don’t try hard enough to expose themselves to good music (or maybe just because it was a Tuesday in February), the room was only about half full for this show.  We didn’t let that get us down, however, and there was plenty of enthusiasm to spare, as the crew around me at my usual spot right up front was having a blast.  Dylan’s vocals were a bit muffled and not as clear as they should have been (amateur soundman critiquing alert!), but his voice was still unmistakably beautiful.


Frequent readers (thanks Mom) already know my appreciation for Dylan’s last two albums Cautionary Tale and Renegade.  As expected, the bulk of the set was dedicated to those selections, with his first two records only represented by one song each.  A pleasant surprise was the guitar player who was absolutely rocking it all evening.  He took most of the solos, played a steady rhythm, and had a freaking blast doing it.  One of my joys is watching a guitar man crushing it with a smile on this face, and he checked both boxes.  Killer beanie/flannel vibe, also.


The highlights of the night were the longer jammed out versions that really let the boys get loose and rawk.  “Easy Way Out” and “Cautionary Tale” were both given the extended treatment, and I just enjoyed the everloving fuck out of every last second.  They closed up shop with an excellent ultimate song, the lush and slow-building “Beyond the Veil”.  Bravo, gents, hope to see you again soon.



Bang Bang Bang

I See It In Your Eyes


Born Again

Part One: The End

Look How Far We’ve Come


If the Creek Don’t Rise

Lone Rider

Easy Way Out

Cautionary Tale


Beyond the Veil

Spotify setlist link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1nuiwDZSWf8VYY265yf4KA?si=WSh22qINT7-Vyrg1gZRbTA