Trout Steak Revival (Olympic – Boise) 2/22/20

I’ve only known about this bluegrass band for about two weeks- the packed crowd suggests that I need to step my game up.

So… in truth, I missed not only the opening band but probably more than half of TSR’s set.  Given that, this review will be pretty concise.  You see, I was with probably Gonzaga basketball’s biggest superfan in Ada County and we spent a couple hours at Mulligans downstairs watching them play (ok, I’ll say it, lose to) BYU.

Once we got upstairs, two things were clear: we missed out on some good music, and holy shit the place was crowded.  That explains my suboptimal positioning for band photos, forgive me dear reader (and bass player who does exist behind that structural beam, I swear).


The same Zag aficionado was the wonderful human who introduced me to this quartet from Colorado.  For the ~40 minutes that I attended they played some loose and skillful bluegrass that included an excellent cover of Wilco’s “Jesus, Etc”.  When they started in on that gem I overreacted with joy to the point that my buddies around me gave me some “chill, bro” vibes.  In my defense, if you don’t get stoked for that jam, that’s on you.

The crowd was robust, as I mentioned, but also way too damn loud.  At times, they drowned out the quieter parts of the music, which is the only downer of this type of show at Olympic.  Nevertheless, good times and dancing was had by all and the band seemed pretty joyous as well.  When it was mentioned later on that this was the penultimate gig on their three week tour, I understood why.


Oh, there is no setlist here, since I don’t know the music and missed most of it.  However, I can tell you their encore was stellar, and consisted of “The Heart Wants” and “Brighter Every Day”, so not a total fail on my part.  Cheers!