Bought Some Albums Yesterday (or: Golly, I Love The Record Exchange)

Yesterday afternoon was one of those late-February days in Boise that can lull you into the fanciful notion that spring has arrived- the sun is shining, temperatures are flirting with the 60s, and things feel ALIVE.  My head knows that more cold, wind, and clouds are coming, but my heart soars as I start to think about all of the glorious things that come with longer days and warmer temperatures: outdoor music, night drives, baseball, backpacking, rafting and kayaking.

With that in mind, I decided to check out of work for a bit and take a stroll over to one of my favorite places in the City of Trees (and one of the few remaining independent record stores in the PNW), The Record Exchange.  I buy all of my music here, as well as almost all of my concert tickets.  Sure, I can get all of that online, but it feels good to spend a little time with those fine folks (Go Ms, John) and all that music.

While there I picked up my 2016 album of the year, Drive-By Truckers’ American Band.  This is one of the very best rock bands in America at their best and most political, and I absolutely adore it.


I also grabbed my 2018 album of the year, the rocking but thoughtful Rainier Fog from Alice In Chains.  Although Layne will always be missed, these guys have found a special magic that continues and builds on that legendary bands legacy.


Although they weren’t in stock, I placed an order on my favorite record from last year, Andrew Bird’s aptly titled My Finest Work Yet as well as my 2014 winner, Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams.

For those Boiseans who haven’t gone in to browse music, grab a coffee, or see an in-store performance, I cannot recommend you do so adamantly enough.  For those who already know and love this place, just a friendly reminder to support local music vendors (as well as local music).  Long Live The Record Exchange!