My Official Playlist to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tongue is placed firmly in cheek, folks… if you don’t like bad jokes, stop reading.

Well, the world seems to be crying uncle to the ol’ COVID-19 today.   Even the WHO declared this shitshow a bonafide “pandemic”, for what that is worth.


First, it came for our SXSW, and we said nothing.  Then, for our public schools, and we still said nothing.  Finally, it came for our music festivals and collegiate (and professional, BREAKING NEWS) basketball – now we’re pissed.  Yes, it appears this shit is getting real, with even Agent Orange taking the time to address the nation tonight about the virus that will be “gone when it warms up”, is “under control”, etc etc.

With globalization, mass transit, and technology comes some amazing progress- but, at times, it comes at a price.  Hopefully the concepts of washing your hands regularly and avoiding unnecessary contact with randos aren’t new to you, but if they are- catch up, already!

With all of that in mind, I made a short lil’ playlist for myself that I thought I’d share- a soundtrack to the end, if you will.  Hey, best case, we survive this and you got to hear some good music.  Until then, go see a show, I dare you- and I’ll probably see you there.

Spotify playlist link: