InMyRoom’s Best-of Playlists: Metallica

The most popular hard rock band in history has quite an impressive catalog- here are my favorites.


Being the audiophile (read: music nerd) that I am, I’ve made my own greatest hits playlists on Spotify for all of my favorite musical acts.  Most are short enough that they could fit on an album, or at most a double album- with Metallica, not so much.  This bad boy is 37 songs and nearly four hours long, and I would argue that every song here is deserving of being considered an essential piece of their legacy.  In fact there are a few that should probably be here that aren’t, but that’s the trouble with a band this epic.  Unlike some of the artists I will discuss in this series, Metallica really need no introduction- so I’ll keep it brief…

When Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield first started playing music together In Los Angeles nearly 40 years ago, who knew the juggernaut they would become?  Coupled with lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and a few different bass players, Metallica has evolved from their thrash metal origins into the most successful hard rock band of all time, selling over 110 million albums.  Their eponymous 1991 effort began a transition away from the speedy thrash aspect into a more melodic and commercially viable sound and sold over 17 million copies, which some sources consider the best-selling album ever.

Their live show is unparalleled as is their influence, and although their output in the 21st century hasn’t been as groundbreaking as the two decades before, they are still an incredibly viable rock act.  For those who only know this band in passing or from the radio hits of the 90s, take a listen.  For hard-core fans, take a look and see what I’ve missed.  If you just want to rock out for a few hours, well, here you go…

Spotify playlist link (shuffle play recommended):

Breakdown by album:

Kill ‘Em All (1)

Ride the Lightning (5)

Master of Puppets (4)

…And Justice for All (5)

Metallica (6)

Load (4)

Reload (3)

Garage Inc (4)

S&M (1)

Mission: Impossible 2 Soundtrack (1)

Death Magnetic (2)

Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (1)