New Music 3/6/20: Marc Ford, Disq

Incoming: new music!  Better yet, new music that is worth your time.

marc ford

Marc Ford – Fuzz Machine – 10 tracks / 56 minutes

The songs shine and Marc’s band is tight as Hell on this tour de force from the former Black Crowes guitarist.


My only real exposure to Mr. Ford was his 2014 record Holy Ghost, which is a fine listen in itself.  Well, friends, this one is considerably louder, bluesier, and a damn hoot to crank up and enjoy.  “Half Dead” sounds like a lost Crazy Horse B-side from the early 90s (high praise), and “Bolero in Red” sounds like Marc doing his best Queens of the Stone Age impression.  The guitar riff on the latter song is hands down my favorite so far in 2020.

“Next to Me” finds Marc trying to convince himself that “one day I’ll be happy”, if only he could have a certain someone next to him.  Great song, but the guitar work on the last two minutes is the true highlight here.  If you want to groove out for nine minutes, trust me: turn on “Bluebird St” real loud and just chill.  Marc lays down some six string mastery over a scrumptious bassline and reggae rhythm guitar work.

If you like guitar music, check this out immediately.  Here’s hoping he finds his way to Idaho sometime this year (once, you know, #suckitCOVID19 is over with).

Key Tracks: “Bolero in Red”, “Next to Me”, “Bluebird St”

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Disq – Collector – 10 tracks / 38 minutes

Bravo to this Wisconsin-based quintet for bringing the goods on their first effort.


This band from Madison is a welcome surprise that I recently added to a few of my Spotify playlists.  Said simply, I dig their vibe.  Their sound varies on this impressive debut album, and multiple members take turns with vocal duties, but the slacker/garage vibes make me happy throughout.  There is some genuine punk energy on the snarky opener “Daily Routine”, “I’m Really Trying”, and the droning reverb-laden album highlight “I Wanna Die”.  However, that is not the only club in their bag, as “D19” is a true heartbreak love song- about a microphone that didn’t perform as expected.  Ya, that’s right, and it absolutely works. 

The catchy and radio-friendly “Loneliness” is almost two songs in one, as it peters along for nearly two minutes before the whole gang joins in for the epic last half.  “Gentle” is everything you could ask for from a melodic rock song and is the kind of music that plays in elevators and stores in my bizarro dream world, while “Trash” ponders the meaninglessness of holding on to old memories and things that are gone: “…don’t want to hold it if it isn’t mine forever, I grab on to anything and add it to the clutter; what am I doing, collecting trash”.

The band that kept coming to mind as I listened to this was Eureka California, but fans of Boat/Unlikely Friends or Kiwi Jr. will find some familiar goodness here as well.

Key Tracks: “I Wanna Die”, “Daily Routine”, “Gentle”

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