InMyRoom’s Best-of Playlists: The Bottle Rockets

One of America’s finest country-tinged rock bands has been doing it under the radar for thirty years- it’s about time you discovered how much you like them.

bottle rockets

Brian Henneman and the boys from Missouri are one of my favorite Spotify era discoveries.  I first stumbled upon them in 2014 when I heard the reissue of their first two albums, The Bottle Rockets and The Brooklyn Side.  Holy crap did that thing blow my mind, so much so that I still remember where I was when I heard it: on a solo drive up to Seattle to see my Family for Thanksgiving.  Their music got me through a few hairy spots going over Snoqualmie Pass, and it has been a part of my life ever since.

For those who like bar-band rock and roll that lacks any pretension but kicks ass, this band is for you.  If you are a fan of the more hillbilly style of guitar music, this band is for you.  If you like socially aware and intelligent lyrics that (sometimes) go along with it- you guessed it, this band is for you. Sure, I have some favorites (“Dead Dog Memories”, “Indianapolis”, “Wave That Flag”, “Thousand Dollar Car”, “The Very Last Time”, “Align Yourself”) but this greatest hits collection I’ve curated is a surefire hootenanny.

Oh, and they also are clearly fans of my man Neil- it’s obvious from their loose, Crazy Horse-inspired style, as well as their epic take on “Farmer John”.  This is 70 minutes of pure goodness, I promise.  Stay thirsty for good music, my friends…


Spotify playlist link (shuffle play recommended):


Breakdown by album:

The Bottle Rockets (4)

The Brooklyn Side (1)

24 Hours a Day (2)

Leftovers (1)

Brand New Year (3)

Zoysia (1)

Lean Forward (2)

Not So Loud (1)

The Bottle Rockets on Audiotree Live (2)

Bit Logic (2)