Treefort IX Lineup, Take II…

AKA see ya in September!


(Imagine this picture with 95% fewer jackets…)


Sure, when a plan falls apart, disappointment is a natural response.  Now that we’ve had some time to reflect, hopefully you are (like me) stoked that we will have five days of music, food, brews, comedy, and film in beautiful Boise in late September.  Could there really be a better time to do this?  It’ll be 20-30 degrees warmer with no snow and let’s call it a 1% chance of rain.

I know the alignment with SXSW was pivotal in getting this festival off the ground, but I imagine I’m not alone in hoping this fall timeline just might stick.  And if not, well, we get two Treeforts in a six-month span, which ain’t so bad either.

Last week the TMF organizers released the updated lineup, which had fewer changes than I anticipated.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t lose some good action: Mikal Cronin will be absent, as will The Districts- both of which really nailed it on their latest studio efforts.  I’ll admit that I had been busy and put off doing my normal deep-dive due diligence into the dozens of bands that piqued my interest but I hadn’t heard before.  Turns out, I now have six months to get that accomplished, which is nice.

In the meantime, many of the artists that were generating the most buzz are still on the docket, including: Chromatics, Calexico, Lauren Ruth Ward, The Felice Brothers, Chris King & the Gutterballs, Dance With the Dead, Delicate Steve, Sonny & the Sunsets, Summer Cannibals, The Black Tones, and many others.  This list doesn’t include the literally dozens of badass local bands that will enrich the festival throughout and educate those unaware of just how strong our SW Idaho music scene has become.

If you haven’t already, download the free TMF app for easy viewing of the lineup and bios & links to music for each of the artists.  Or, click on this link to see the full list via the world wide web a.k.a. “a series of tubes” #Ted Stevens: