InMyRoom’s Best-of Playlists: The Offspring

It’s been quite a ride for Dexter Holland and the boys from Garden Grove over the last (nearly) thirty years- have a listen and hear for yourself.


No band personified the metal-punk movement of the 90s more than these dudes, at least for me.  Sure, they incorporated more pop elements along the way, and I’m not as enamored with their 21st century output, but those albums from my youth are like a long lost friend every time I hear them.  Beyond the massive radio hits (“Self Esteem”, “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)”, “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid”, etc) they also have quite a few lesser-known jams that really do kick some ass.

Their appeal is still strong, as Spotify lists them among the 500 most popular artists on the platform even though their last new release was during Obama’s first term.  I can attest their live show is a lot of fun as well, as I still recall it vividly although it was about fifteen years ago.

Anyway, here are my 17 favorite tracks by The Offspring, coming in short enough to fit on a CD, if anyone knows what those are anymore.  As the narrator says on the intro to their epic Smash, “music soothes even the savage beast”.

Spotify playlist link (shuffle play recommended):

Breakdown by album:

Ignition (2)

Smash (6)

Ixnay on the Hombre (2)

Americana (5)

Splinter (1)

Days Go By (1)