The Blog Is Dead. Long Live The Music.

IMG_3447 (2)

(Eric D. Johnson, yours truly, and Kevin Morby at Fisherman’s Village Music Festival 2018)

Friends, family, internet randos- it’s been real.  Despite my glaring shortcomings when it comes to writing about music, I’ve given it my best (or close, anyway) effort for the last 28 months.  Fact is, I’m ready to spend a little less of my time organizing, writing, and posting…

The intent of the blog from day one was to share great new music with my friends as I discover it, and that will continue on Instagram.  There I can do quick 20-50 word recommendations and encourage y’all to check out the latest album I’ve found. @inmyroomblog on Instagram is where you can find me going forward.

To all of you who read, liked, shared, or commented on the material on this site- you have my sincere appreciation.  Although this was never going to take the place of my day job, the number of eyeballs I was able to attract was both humbling and surprising.  Nothin’ but love to all of you, and hey, maybe I’ll see you at the show- whenever society is back to such vital events, that is.

“Turn it on, turn it up, and turn me loose” – Dwight Yoakam